The Strucket is a unique, soaking solution developed on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland by mother-of-three Kelly Lavery. A revolutionary Australian design, this bucket allows you to soak dirty laundry and never, ever touch dirty (or smelly) water again!

What is a Strucket (bucket)?

The Strucket is just like a normal bucket, but so much better, making soaking simple and easy. With the Strucket, you wont have to worry about your clothes sitting soaking for days again, because the Strucket makes it quick and easy!

When you're done soaking your laundry, simply pull out the strainer, connect it to the top of the base, then drain using the outer plug - without ever having to touch the dirty water or the mess in it!

The revolutionary strainer-meet-bucket Strucket (and Strucket Mini) design is available here at Hudstone individually, or in our best selling Strucket Mega Laundry bundle.