Regular Washing Powder (Double Concentrate)

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Product description

Hudstone Regular is 100% pure washing powder containing no additives, bulkers or fillers. It is a delicate yet powerful concentrated laundry powder.

Featuring a blend of premium ingredients including oxygen bleach, enzymes and softeners, Hudstone Regular delivers a brighter, whiter and safer wash.

Hudstone Regular can also be used in conjunction with Hudstone's All Purpose Spray and Pre-Soaker to treat extra stubborn stains. 

✓ 100% Grey water / Septic Safe

✓ Fragrance Free

✓ Contains no essential oils

✓  Safe for you and the environment

✓  Made in Australia

Is it safe for babies and sensitive skin?

While Hudstone Regular is gentle on skin, for those with extra sensitive skin we recommend trying Hudstone Sensitive Washing Powder for sensitive skin.

Washes per pack? 

2kg (160 - 222 loads)

4kg (320 - 444 loads)

6kg (480 -666 loads)

8kg (640 - 888 loads)

Directions for use:

Use 1 scoop (Tablespoon) for a top loader and 3/4 of a scoop for a front loader. 

How to use

It's simple! Just add one scoop to your machine for each standard load. Because our washing powder is highly concentrated, you may use less than what you'd normally use with other brands. But don't worry, our super-concentrated formula will get the job done!

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Australian made and owned

Australian made
and owned

Good For Sensitive Skin

Safe for
Sensitive Skin

Compostable Packaging


Cruelty Free


Maximum value, minimum cost

From 15c per wash

4 scoops of our concentrated powder into 1 scoop of a popular supermarket brand.

This is a really good way for us to show the difference between using something packed with toxic filling agents and synthetic scents, and our senstive washing powder that only contains what you need.

Better for the environment

No plastic & no nasties

No plastic, no nasties, no waste! Our fully compostable packaging means you can feel good knowing that you're using a product that is safe and doesn’t harm the environment.

Plus, don't forget your stainless steel laundry scoop to help you keep a plastic free laundry.

Save more with Hudstone

Same price, more value

This is the difference between using our super concentrated powders vs most of what you’ll find on the market today.

We have always aimed to give our community a product that exceeds expectation in both value and performance.

Washing Powder FAQ's

What makes Hudstone washing powder so special?

Hudstone washing powder is 100% pure. Unlike most products on the market, it contains no bulkers, fillers or artificial additives. This results in a powerful and effective super-concentrated laundry powder. This means you only need to use a little for each load, making it last even longer. 

Is Hudstone washing powder colour safe?

Our powders are totally safe to use with both whites and colours, as they contain no harsh and damaging chemicals that would ordinarily strip your fabrics of colour.

Is Hudstone washing powder safe for sensitive skin?

While Hudstone regular is a great choice for most people, Hudstone sensitive washing powder goes a step forward with a zero-enzyme blend, making it safer for extra sensitive skin and other sensitive allergies or skin conditions such as eczema.

Is Hudstone washing powder fragrance free?

Our products are also fragrance free and contain no essential oils. Some customer still prefer to add their own oils, so it's that's you - we offer them too!

Is Hudstone washing powder septic and grey water safe?

Yes. All of our laundry powders and laundry products are septic and grey water safe.

Is Hudstone Washing Powder septic and grey water safe?

Yes. All of our Hudstone Washing Powders, regular laundry powders and laundry products are septic and grey water safe.

Why trust Hudstone Washing Powder?

Proudly Australian made and owned, we are a family business with over 20 years experience in the laundry and cleaning industry. We understand what works and we're passionate about creating laundry products that save you money, are safe for your family, gentle on your skin and tough on dirt and grime. We have a product to suit every family and laundry need, and we're always happy to offer advice or answer any questions you might have. So try Hudstone today and see the difference!

Can I buy bulk washing powder?

Yes you can currently buy our bulk washing powders in 2kg, 4kg, 5kg, 8kg and 10kg bulk packs.

Plastic free & environmentally friendly packaging

All our packaging is plastic free, and we also offer a beautiful stainless steel scoop to avoid unnecessary plastics that could end up in our landfill or oceans. So try Hudstone today and join thousands more families saying no to nasty chemical ingredients and excess plastic, and yes to better and cleaner results in every wash!

Is washing liquid better than washing powder?

We know there are loads of people that prefer liquid to powder and it’s usually for the same reason “residue marks". This is totally understandable as I don’t think anyone wants to wash some clothes only to have to wash them again. Our powders contain none of the traditional bulkers and fillers found in most brands. They’re a concentrated powder that dissolve completely in the wash and leave nothing behind but clean fabrics. Liquids contain bulking agents too but that’s usually water and synthetic fragrance, they also come in a plastic bottle which is not the greatest for the enviroment. Hudstone powders are fragrance free, come in a compostable bag and won’t leave any marks on your fabrics.

Can I use your washing powders as a Wool Wash?

Yes you can use our washing powders with your woollens. Just use a very small amount and you'll be fine.