The Best Washing Powder made in Australia

Hudstone is proudly Australian made and owned, we have been for almost 40 years. We make the best and safest washing powder in Australia.

Our super concentrated washing powders contain no toxic nasties, synthetic scents or artificial bulking agents. This makes them tough on stains, but gentle on sensitive skin.

Plus, we're much better quality and give more value than the supermarket brands. Give us a try today!

Australian made and owned

Australian made
and owned

Good For Sensitive Skin

Good for
Sensitive Skin

Compostable Packaging


Cruelty Free


Hudstone Washing Powders - Australia's best?

Are you looking for Australia's best washing powder?

Made with the highest-quality ingredients (minus all the nasties), Hudstone washing powder is tough on stains and gentle on fabrics.

It's safe for use on all types of clothes, so you can use it on everything from delicate lingerie to your toughest jeans.

Hudstone washing powder is also 100% eco-friendly, so you can feel good about using it. Not only will it leave your washing looking great, it won't harm the environment.

Plus, Hudstone is so economical, you won't believe how much money you save while getting incredible results.

So why wait?

Try Hudstone washing powder today and feel the difference for yourself. Your skin, clothes and the enviroment will thank you!

Hudstone's Best Selling Washing Powders

$41.99 $43.99
$41.99 $43.99

Better value than the Supermarket brands

From 15c per wash

One scoop of our concentrated powder is equivalent to four scoops of a popular supermarket brand.

This comparison shows the difference between using a supermarket product filled with harmful fillers and synthetic fragrances, and our sensitive washing powder that only contains what's absabsolutely necessary. Try our washing powder and see the benefits for yourself!

Good for the environment

No nasties included

Say goodbye to plastic and harmful chemicals with our fully compostable packaging. You can feel good about using our product knowing that it's safe for the environment and doesn't produce plastic waste.

Why is your washing powder the best in Australia?

Hudstone washing powder is made in Australia with high-quality ingredients and is highly effective at removing stains, gentle on fabrics, and safe to use on all types of clothes. It's also eco-friendly, safe on skin and extremely economical. Our sensitive laundry powder variety is also available for those with more sensitive skin.

What makes your washing powder eco-friendly?

Our washing powder is free of harmful bulkers, fillers and other chemicals and is packaged in palastic free, fully compostable materials, so it won't harm the environment. Our powder is also septic safe.

Can I use your washing powder on all types of clothes?

Yes, our natural washing powder is safe for use on all types of clothes, from delicate fabrics to tough materials like jeans.

Do I need to use a special scoop for your washing powder?

No, you can use any scoop or measuring cup to measure out the correct amount of washing powder for your load. However, we do offer a stainless steel laundry scoop that is eco-friendly and can help you reduce your use of plastic.

Is your washing powder more expensive than other brands?

While our washing powder may cost a little more upfront, it is super concentrated and effective, so you will use less of it per load. This makes it last for a long time and is more economical for you in the long run.