Our unique eco formulations have been cleaning homes around Australia for almost 40 years. My mission when I first started was to give people more for less. Offering premium products that were safe, gave exceptional value and were highly effective. We have recently brought our family business and concept online and launched new products (such as our bestselling dishwasher powder) to introduce them to a new generation of Australians, existing prior to this through word of mouth alone.

Hudstone formulas are all super concentrates, which means they last significantly longer than most. It also means they give great value! Our All Purpose Limoncello eco spray dilutes to give you 10 x 500ml bottles, breaking down to $1.99 a bottle, our sensitive laundry powder and regular laundry powder break down to 10c to 20c per load each. 

Safe, eco cleaning products don’t have to be expensive, nor ineffective. When done right the opposite should be true. This is probably why we have the same customers with us that first walked in our doors almost 40 years ago. 

To say I am grateful for the new wave of people taking an interest in what my husband and I started all those years ago would be an understatement. I really do appreciate all of you for letting us clean your home.

Our little family business has existed on word of mouth alone for the last 20 years, only now have we decided to become part of the online community and put what we do out there. We are always here to offer advice or guidance to any of our customers at any time. 

Elizabeth Davis (Mum)