Australian made eco friendly washing powders & cleaning products

Hudstone's eco friendly cleaning products are Australian made & owned, contain no toxic nasties, synthetic scents or artificial bulking agents - plus we're better quality & value than the supermarket brands.

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Australian made and owned

Australian made
and owned

Safe For Sensitive Skin

Safe for
Sensitive Skin

Compostable Packaging


Cruelty Free


Our Hero and Founder

Meet Liz

Elizabeth Davis aka “Liz”, aka “the First Lady of laundry”, aka “Mum”, has been providing best eco friendly cleaning products in Australia for over 40 years. ❤️ 🧺 🌱

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Get even more value for your money with Hudstone Value Bundles. Our best selling laundry powders and eco friendly cleaning products are bundled together so you can get the best clean possible - without breaking the bank.

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Hudstone Laundry

You'll find our famous eco washing powders in thousands of homes right across Australia. Our highly effective super-concentrated formulas are gentle on skin, tough on stains, and one bag will last you for months!

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$41.99 $43.99
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Top rated

Hudstone Kitchen

Our new Kitchen products bring our same ethos from the laundry to the kitchen with our safe, top rated, Aussie made, non-toxic, powerful effective cleaning products. Try them today!

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How budget friendly are we?

Hudstone is a budget friendly brand, so what’s the difference between us and almost every other brand out there?

We are a super concentrated product. This means we do not add anything to our powders that doesn’t serve a purpose - so you get more per bag and per load.

One bag of our laundry powder will give you between 160 - 222 loads. You can do your laundry with us for a full year for as little as 15c per load! It's the best washing powder on the market. Not bad for an Aussie made and owned family run business!

Happy Customers

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"Oh my goodness what can I say? Thank you thank you thank you Hudstone. I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me to trial your products. They are amazing!  I have been using the sensitive washing powder for babies clothes they come up so fresh and clean! Of course an added bonus is the safety aspect. Safe to use for children as the environment! Highly recommend these products!"

"You’ve converted me after my first purchase. I’m a domestic cleaner and usually spent hours soaking my cloths in a bucket with a big name brand soaker which was not kind to my skin. I’m now using Hudstone soaker and laundry powder and no pre soaking required and my whites are loads whiter than before. Thankyou for these amazing people & environmentally friendly products & the AMAZING customer service."

"This is the most amazing Australian product and I can’t recommend it enough! As we all try to make a difference and help our environment to reduce our plastics and take toxic harmful chemicals out of our lives this product does all these things and truly works I won’t use anything else.. thank you hudstone for making such a great and environmentally friendly product!"

"We moved away from generic laundry detergent when my son was born and i have been looking for a local alternative for a while. Hudstone is a great product, washes well, smells lovely and i am very pleased with the overall clean of the product. 5 stars from my family"

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Breaking news

Our Brand New Dishwashing Powder is here!

We're so excited to finally reveal our AMAZING new Zero Waste Dishwashing powder! Guaranteed to be the best eco dishwasher powder you've ever used! Comes with a built in rinse aid (so your dishes require no pre rinsing to save you water) and comes in a compostable bag!

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Our Mission

Hudstone and The Great Barrier Reef

Hudstone is now the official sponsor of The Reef Restoration Foundation Australia! The Great Barrier Reef is in need of our help! We in conjunction with The Reef Restoration foundation create coral nurseries to help regenerate the damaged corals throughout the reef and plant more resilient, healthy corals. An Aussie business supporting an Aussie icon!

Visit The Reef Restoration Foundation