Elizabeth Davis here.

After over 40 years in the corporate cleaning industry, my life’s work has become about spreading a very simple, yet vital message. Don’t risk your health, or that of your families with unsafe cleaning products.

Most people have no idea what kind of chemicals they are bringing home from the supermarket shelves, and the potential risk they are exposing their families to. And let me just add, there’s a reason why they all come with warning labels - they are POISON!
First, let me take you back to 1980. I had already been running a successful commercial cleaning business for many years, working with clients from domestic households to multinational corporations.

During this time, we began to notice some of our cleaning staff falling ill. First one, and another, then another! The health and wellbeing of my employees was always my #1 priority. So with further investigation, I was absolutely horrified to find that some of the cleaning products we had been using had been causing these health issues and reactions.

Not long after discovering this, I found myself standing in the cleaning product aisle of a local supermarket, simply overwhelmed by the number and different types of cleaning products available.

I did notice a few key things:
- Very few products were Australian made
- Many had confusing instructions on their labels
- Most were not clear about scoop sizes
- They all contained a mix of unsafe chemicals
- The vast majority were not environmentally friendly

The sheer level of choice (and conflicting information) was so hard to understand... I figured how can the average consumer have any hope of comprehending this information and making a good decision for their family? Does anyone realise the harm these products can potentially cause their health, and the environment?

That day I recognised a clear need for safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products that also work better than the alternative.

Using the professional cleaning skills and methodology acquired over the years, my husband and I began to source eco safe and highly effective concentrated cleaning products for use in my commercial cleaning business.

After this success we then began to offer these products to the general public, making them available to everyday Australians who needed a much safer, valuable and better option.

My mission when we first started was to only offer premium products that were safe, gave exceptional value and were highly effective. We had to give people more for less.

Fast forward to now, our unique eco formulations have been cleaning homes around Australia for almost 40 years.

Safe eco products don’t have to be expensive, nor ineffective. When done right, the opposite should be true. This is why we still have the very same customers that first walked in our doors almost 40 years ago. We have recently brought our family business and concept online to introduce them to a new generation of Australians, existing prior to this through word of mouth alone.

Hudstone formulas are all super concentrates, which means they last significantly longer than most. It also means they give great value! Our laundry powders contain no additives, bulkers or fillers (which means you just need a small amount) which breaks down to 10c to 20c per load. If you're looking for the best laundry powder, you sure have found it. 

It is a delicate yet powerful concentrated laundry powder. Containing a blend of premium ingredients including oxygen bleach, Enzymes and softeners that deliver a brighter, whiter wash. 
To say I am grateful for the new wave of people taking an interest in what my husband and I started all those years ago would be an understatement. I really do appreciate all of you for letting us clean your home.