Essential Oils

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Adding a few drops of Hudstone Essential oils is a great way to add subtle fragrance to your fabrics without the all the overpowering, toxic nasties.

As many of you know, our powders here at Hudstone are fragrance free. They leave your fabrics smelling clean and fresh without a strong synthetic fragrance, which, for a lot of people is difficult to get used to. But having fragrance in your laundry shouldn’t mean you need to add toxic synthetic scents to do so! Hudstone Essential oils are 100% Australian made and naturally sourced locally. 

Created from the highest quality concentrated ingredients, each scent produces an incredibly clean smell that leaves your laundry with a beautiful long lasting fresh odour. Just add 1-3 drops per load and smell the difference!

Better essential oils - for your clothes and the environment. It's your laundry, so why not have it smell amazing? We currently stock four varieties. including lemon myrtle, eucalyptus, mandarin and lavender oil.  

Not only are the Hudstone essential oils great for your laundry, their natural ingredients can be used for many other purposes too! From soothing tired eyes or dry skin, each oil is suitable for multiple purposes and uses.