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How to treat grimey shirt collars with Liz! đŸ§ŒđŸ‘•

Jan 29, 2022

How to treat grimey shirt collars with Liz! đŸ§ŒđŸ‘•

Hello everyone.

I have a question from Lisa, who's asking me today "I need tips on grimy, sport shirt collar stains". Yes, it's a hard one, Lisa, but I'm glad you gave it to me because now I can share with everyone else!

I must say though, before you approach anything, if you have used stain removers on collars before, it's normally very hard to get all of the dirt and grime out. But nevertheless here's a trick which I have done over the years.

Spray with Water and All Purpose Spray. 

What I normally do is I will spray the collar with a little bit of water to start with just to loosen the fabric. And then what I do is I spray it with the all purpose spray.

Remove grime with a Toothbrush or Soft Brush 

Now out comes a little toothbrush which I've got if it really needs some extra help or I use my little soft brush to remove stains. I then spread and move the Hudstone All Purpose Spray all around the collar. 

Use Pre-Soaker if needed 

Then if it's still really, really dirty, I dip the collar in water and into the laundry powder with a bit of pre-soaker. I'll leave it soaking in a strucket for as long as I can. 

Into the Washing machine

Now it's time to throw into the washing with Hudstone Regular or Sensitive Washing Powders. I put it in with all the other washing and when I take it out, it's generally much cleaner and almost as good as new!

Clean shirt collars easily with Hudstone All Purpose Spray and Laundry Powders.