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How to Get the Cleanest and Best White Bedsheets of Your Life!

Oct 28, 2021

How to Get the Cleanest and Best White Bedsheets of Your Life!

Have you ever had a rubbish day and then gone to bed in fresh sheets and felt even a little better? Crisp, fresh and clean sheets smell and feel better. They are more welcoming, more comfortable and they promote a healthy sleep cycle.

We all know that having clean bedding is important for our physical health so that we aren't exposed to mites, germs and bacteria. However, there are also mental benefits too.

Fresh bedding can go a long way to reduce restless nights and can help you wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed. Having a calm, relaxing night's sleep makes you feel more energised and ready to bounce out of bed and take on the day without being tired, groggy and irritable.

We all want the best night's sleep possible, and in order to achieve that, we need a nice comfortable, clean bed.

There's a reason that Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfasts, Resorts and Airbnb establishments all opt for white bedsheets in their guest rooms - white linen gives the feeling of pure cleanliness.

What could possibly put your mind and body to rest more than beautifully laundered, fresh, clean, white sheets?

We are going to dive into how you can bring that feeling home from your hotel stay - how you can get the cleanest and best white bedsheets of your life.

The Hudstone Way

At Hudstone, we know what it takes to deliver the finest products from the most premium ingredients.

We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business that has been in the industry for almost 40 years.

Needless to say, we know a thing or two about keeping your home sparkling clean, and have picked up plenty of tips and tricks along the way, all while developing our much-loved and trusted range of products.

At Hudstone, our washing powders are safe for sensitive skin conditions, and we have a carefully crafted sensitive blend that is very mild.


e know how to care for you, your family and the environment, and we wanted to share our secret method for the cleanest and best white bedsheets of your life.

Our Secret Method

Add 1 scoop of Hudstone Regular or Hudstone Sensitive blend into the washing machine along with your bedding.

Each and every single product in our range is non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for you and your family and environmentally friendly. We are also vegan friendly and we have never and will never test on animals.

Both our regular blend laundry powder and our sensitive blend laundry powder are sold in various quantities - suitable for all families and lifestyles.

  • 2kg, averaging 80 top loader and 160 front loader cycles
  • 4kg, averaging 160 top loader and 320 front loader cycles
  • 6kg, averaging 240 top loader and 480 front loader cycles
  • 8kg, averaging 320 top loader and 640 front loader cycles
  • 10kg, averaging 400 top loader and 800 front loader cycles

Step 2: Add 1 scoop of Hudstone Pre Soaker into the mix.

Our versatile oxygenated Pre Soaker powder has been designed to take care of incredibly stubborn, heavy stains on fabrics.

Much like our entire product range, it is incredibly effective and does the job just right. Along with being fantastic for bed sheets, it also works wonders on items such as shoes and extra dirty work clothes. It can really be relied on to lift those stubborn stains that need a little extra TLC.

You can also add it to your machine as a laundry booster for when you’ve got an extra dirty load of washing and have no time to soak it.

Step 3: Set your machine to the hottest cycle possible.

Hot water washing machine cycles have many benefits, including in the following situations:

  • White fabrics
  • Heavily soiled or outdoor items
  • Oil and grease stains

A hot wash has also been proven to be best used for germ removal if anyone in the household is battling cold or flu symptoms. This can help to stop the spread through the whole family.

Additionally, washing towels, bedding and face washers in hot water helps to keep the spread of allergy-inducing irritants such as dust mites at bay.

Step 4: For the best whitening and brightening results, hang your sheets to dry outside.

While your dryer is a convenient shortcut to getting your sheets back in your bedroom faster, drying your linens outside under the sun will actually whiten them because the sun's UV rays have antibacterial and bleaching effects.

As an added bonus, this method is also much gentler on your linens than a dryer, so it’ll help prolong the life of your sheets, too.

Step 5: Stand back and admire the cleanest sheets you have ever seen in your life!

Enjoy a beautiful night's sleep on the whitest and brightest bed sheets you have ever seen. Once you have used this method, you will be well and truly hooked!

Don't Just Take Our Word for It - Try It For Yourself

At Hudstone, all of our washing powders are safe for sensitive skin conditions, and we even have a carefully crafted sensitive blend that is extra mild.

We are completely transparent with all of our formulas and ingredients, as we have absolutely nothing to hide. Our Hudstone Sensitive Washing Powder (Super Concentrate) contains an alkaline mineral salt, nonionic and anionic surfactant.

It has been lovingly created with the most sensitive of skin in mind, such as those with existing skin conditions and even babies.

Laundry Hacks for Longer Lasting Bedding

There’s nothing better than slipping between the freshest, clean and crisp linen sheets after a long hard day. However, over time, the white linen sheets you spend your hard-earned money on may need a little extra TLC to remain looking and feeling their best.

Over the life of your sheets, a build-up of body fluids and oils, fake tan and food (for all those bedtime snackers out there) can make itself at home on your favourite sheets, and if not treated, can begin to turn them yellow.

Here are some other tips for your sheets and bedding:

Proper storage of your sheets is key

Storing sheets in plastic boxes or bags can actually turn them yellow. To help them maintain their natural white colour and fight off the yellow tinge, a great storage tip is to line your linen cupboard with acid-free tissue paper.

Treat any stains immediately

To enable them to bounce back to their natural colour, Wash stains immediately. Then, sprinkle some baking soda and some vinegar and blot the affected area. Lemon juice in the wash cycle can also assist with tough stains.

Don't overload your washing machine

Keep your white sheets with other whites and don't wash them with any zips, Velcro or buttons that may inflict damage to them.

Wash your sheets frequently

For best results, you should clean your bedding every 7-10 days. If you're worried about excess washing wearing out your sheets, invest in some high-quality linen that won't be adversely impacted by extra laundering.

Protectors are your friend

Good quality bedding is not cheap. Mattresses can be ghastly expensive and so too can decent pillows. Mattress and pillow protectors can be a great investment and can be machine washed too.

Less is more

When you're washing your bedding, there's no need for softeners and dryer sheets. Keep it simple. The steps we described above of our secret method is the tried and tested way to keep your sheets fresher for longer.

Vacuum your mattress

Mattresses really benefit from a good vacuum every now and then and it's in your best interest. You may be horrified when you see all the particles that get collected the first time you do it - skin, hair, dust and lint to name a few.

Take care when washing your quilts and pillows

If they are not fully dried correctly, you can create a mouldy situation for yourself in your bedding, which is definitely not ideal. For best results, use an industrial machine at a laundromat or leave it to the professionals - it's just not worth the risk.

Essential oils can work wonders

If you're feeling like your bedding needs a little boost of freshness, using some essential oils and natural scents like lavender, cedar and pine can add something special. For best sleeping results, steer clear of anything too strong or too sweet.