Hudstone Regular Washing Powder (SCOOP NOT INCLUDED)

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Hudstone Regular is 100% pure washing powder containing no additives, bulkers or fillers. It is a delicate yet powerful concentrated laundry powder.

Featuring a blend of premium ingredients including oxygen bleach, enzymes and softeners, Hudstone Regular delivers a brighter, whiter and safer wash.

Hudstone Regular can also be used in conjunction with Hudstone's All Purpose Spray and Pre-Soaker to treat extra stubborn stains. 

✓ 100% Grey water / Septic Safe

✓ Fragrance Free

✓ Contains no essential oils

✓  Safe for you and the environment

✓  Made in Australia

How many washes/loads per pack?

80 (top loader) 
160 (front loader)

160 (top loader)
320 (front loader)

240 (top loader)
480 (front loader)

320 (top loader)
640 (front loader)

400 (top loader)
800 (front loader)

Is it safe for babies and sensitive skin?

While Hudstone Regular is gentle on skin, for those with extra sensitive skin we recommend trying Hudstone Sensitive Washing Powder.

What's in it?

Alkaline Mineral Salt, Nonionic & Anionic Surfactants, Enzyme blend. 

Contains no fragrances or essential oils.