New study reveals Australia's most Googled laundry problems

May 16, 2023

Hudstone, an eco-friendly laundry solutions provider based in Australia, recently conducted research on the most Googled laundry-related queries in the country. The results indicate that many Australians are struggling with removing stubborn stains, preventing clothes from shrinking, and dealing with color bleeding issues.

The top searched topic is stain removal, with Australians seeking advice on how to tackle tough stains such as oil, red wine, grease, and blood. The following are the top searched stain removal queries and their average monthly search volumes:

  • "how to get oil stains out of clothes" - 1900 searches/month
  • "how to remove red wine stains" - 260 searches/month
  • "how to get yellow stains out of white clothes" - 210 searches/month
  • "how to get coffee stains out of clothes" - 170 searches/month
  • "how to remove old grease stains from clothing" - 110 searches/month
  • "how to remove blood stains from clothes" - 110 searches/month

Shrinking clothes is the second most common laundry emergency, with Australians seeking tips to prevent or reverse the damage caused by hot water and incorrect dryer settings. The following are the top searched queries related to shrinking clothes and their monthly search volumes:

  • "wool jumper shrunk" - 70 searches/month
  • "how to stretch clothes that have shrunk" - 30 searches/month
  • "linen dress shrunk" - 30 searches/month
  • "can you fix clothes that shrunk in the dryer" - 20 searches/month
  • "clothes shrunk in wash" - 20 searches/month

The third most searched topic was color bleeding issues, with users looking for ways to either prevent or fix it after it occurred. The following are the top searched queries related to color bleeding and their monthly search volumes:

  • "can I wash colors with white" - 40 searches/month
  • "white clothes turned grey in wash" - 40 searches/month
  • "white jeans turned blue in wash" - 30 searches/month
  • "white shirt turned red in wash" - 20 searches/month

Interestingly, Hudstone's report revealed a 25% increase in laundry-related emergency searches in January compared to the average for the rest of the year.

Some of the less common (but more obscure) searches included "how to remove pomegranate stain," "how to remove lasagna stains from clothes," "how to remove coca cola stains from white clothes," and "how to get washing powder stains out of black jeans."

It's clear that laundry-related issues are a common concern for many Australians, and seeking advice and solutions through Google searches is a popular approach. However, it's important to note that prevention is often the best strategy. Following care label instructions and separating laundry by color can help prevent many of these issues.