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Question: Should we wash clothes inside out, or not?

Apr 19, 2023

Question: Should we wash clothes inside out, or not?

We had a question come in recently from a customer asking us our thoughts on whether to wash clothes inside out or not. After hearing so many differing opinions over the years, here are our thoughts in whether to wash inside out or not! 

One of the biggest reasons to actually wash clothes inside out is that it helps protect any prints, embroidery, or embellishments. By turning your clothes inside out, you're making sure that these finer details don't rub against the inside of the washing machine or other garments. This means they won't fade as quickly or get damaged as easily.

Another advantage of washing clothes this way is that it helps keep your bright colours looking vibrant. Whenever clothes are washed in a machine, they rub up against the washing machine drum and other clothes, causing bright colours to eventually fade. But if clothes have been turned inside out, it can reduce the amount of friction during the wash and preserve those bright colours longer.

Sounds great then! But hang on, could there be any downsides to washing clothes inside out? 

For one, it could reduce the overall cleaning effectiveness during your washing cycle. Stains or dirt on the outer side of your clothes won't get as much exposure to the detergent and water as it would if you didn't turn the clothes inside out. Stains or dirt may not get as effectively removed, so you probably still need to treat these separately with a quality pre-soaker beforehand.

Another issue is that turning clothes inside out can cause them to wrinkle more easily during the wash cycle. And if your clothes are made of delicate fabrics, turning them inside out can increase wear and tear, especially around hems and necklines.

So, should you wash your clothes inside out?

It really depends on what kind of clothes you're washing and your own preferences. If you have clothes with delicate prints or bright colours, washing them inside out can be a great idea.

But if your clothes are heavily soiled and need longer cycle, it might be better to leave them right side out.

In the end, the most important thing is to double check and follow the care instructions on your clothes' labels and use your best judgment when deciding how to wash them.