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Napisan Vanish Oxi Action vs Hudstone Pre Soaker

Oct 27, 2023

Napisan Vanish Oxi Action vs Hudstone Pre Soaker

Discover the key differences between Napisan Vanish Oxi Action and Hudstone Pre-Soaker, two leading laundry pre-soakers on the Australian market.

Napisan Vanish Oxi Action and Hudstone Pre Soaker are two popular laundry pre-soakers that have been used in Australian households for many years. Both products claim to effectively remove tough stains and keep clothes looking fresh and clean, but there still are some key differences between the two brands that set them apart from each other.

Let's explore!



Napisan Vanish Oxi Action

  • Made in Poland
  • Comes in plastic packaging with an included plastic scoop
  • Plastic may add to the landfill burden
  • Provides up to 66 soaks from its 2kg powder container
  • Priced at $32 retail
  • Costs you about 48 cents per soak

Hudstone Home Pre-Soaker

  • Proudly Australian-made
  • Packaged in 100% compostable materials
  • Formulated from eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients
  • Optional stainless steel scoop eliminates any need for plastic
  • Reduces environmental footprint
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Grey water / Septic Safe
  • Enjoy up to 160 soaks from each 2kg bag priced at just $29.99
  • Translates to an incredibly affordable 18 cents per soak.


Hudstone Pre Soaker is a versatile oxygenated powder, specially made to tackle incredibly stubborn, heavily stained clothing and fabrics. Soak first, then wash afterwards with either Hudstone Regular or Sensitive.

It’s a super effective and powerful stain remover that works perfectly on shoes, dirty work clothes and bed sheets. You can use it to lift out any stubborn stains that need a little extra help.

By selecting Hudstone, you're not only choosing an Australian-made, cost-effective solution but also contributing to a greener planet with its compostable packaging and biodegradable ingredients.

Choosing Hudstone is an investment in both the cleanliness of your clothes and the health of our planet.

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