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How to Clean a White School Uniform Shirt

Jun 23, 2023

How to Clean a White School Uniform Shirt

“Mum, can I have some Milo?” 

Can I also mention this was the second spill for the day thanks to some apple & blackcurrant juice AND it was also a brand new sports polo!

Time to sort this mess out!

How to get a Stain out of a White Shirt 

It wasn’t until I began working at Hudstone that I learned how to ‘work at stains’ properly to remove them from clothing.

We can’t just chuck them in the machine and expect miracles… (🙋🏻‍♀️ guilty).

Here’s exactly what I did to clean the white school uniform polo shirt:

🧴Sprayed the Milo and juice stains with our All Purpose and let sit for half an hour.

🪣 Sprinkled a bit of Hudstone Pre Soaker on the stains and filled a small bucket with some water and 1/2 a scoop of Pre Soaker and let soak overnight.

🫱🏼 In the morning, while the products were still on the polo, I gently rubbed the stains using the hem of the shirt and they started to fade dramatically.

🫧 Washed it with my usual load of clothes using 1/2 a scoop of Regular Powder.

Here's the final result:

Products used: 

Hudstone All Purpose

Hudstone Pre Soaker

Hudstone Regular Laundry Powder

Drop us a 🙌🏼 if you’re going to try this method on your next school uniform snack disaster!

☺️ Chevy

-Team Hudstone