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Hudstone Regular and Sensitive is 100% pure washing powder containing no additives, bulkers or fillers. It is a delicate yet powerful concentrated laundry powder.

Featuring a blend of premium ingredients including oxygen bleach, enzymes(Regular only) and softeners, Hudstone Regular delivers a brighter, whiter and safer wash.

Hudstone Regular can also be used in conjunction with Hudstone's All Purpose Spray and Pre-Soaker to treat extra stubborn stains. 

✓ 100% Grey water / Septic Safe

✓ Fragrance Free

✓ Contains no essential oils

✓  Safe for you and the environment

✓  Made in Australia

Is it safe for babies and sensitive skin?

While Hudstone Regular is gentle on skin, for those with extra sensitive skin we recommend trying Hudstone Sensitive Washing Powder for sensitive skin.

Washes per pack? 

2kg (160 - 222 loads)

Dishwashing Powder:

After months of research and development we are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of our new eco friendly dishwashing powder

Hudstone Dishwashing Powder has been designed to be eco friendly, yet compete and surpass the performance of the best dishwashing powders and tablets on the market! It has gone through rigorous testing and is now ready to be shipped to your door. 

Our dishwasher powder requires no pre rinsing of your dishes (to save water), and contains an inbuilt rinse aid.

One bag gives you 80 - 160 washes, and of course comes in a compostable bag and is made using the safest eco-friendly ingredients possible. It simply is the best dishwashing powder you can get in Australia. 

Washes per pack? 

2kg (80 - 160)

The Hudstone Kitchen and Laundry bundle comes with your 2 premium stainless steel scoops. 

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Australian made
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